Three ways to stay healthy during the quarantine

Three ways to stay healthy during a shelter in place period.

Shelter-in-place directives have been ordered all over the USA. This public health strategy is the best way to slow down the spread of CoVid19. However, shelter-in-place does not mean that you should ignore your health. Here are a few tips to stay healthy while staying at home.

  1. Keep a regular routine; wake-up early and eat at the usual times.
  2. Be active; you don't need expensive machines; just walk around your house or do pushups in your apartment. Three 15 minute sessions are great for your mind and body.
  3. Don't obsess over coronavirus and forget about your usual health issues. Take your meds, eat your veggies, talk to your doctor.

 Regarding the last point, MDCS Dermatology can be very helpful for you. Letting your skin problem get out of control might force you to seek emergency care in clinics that should be reserved for CoViD patients and even get exposed to the coronavirus. Our physical office is closed to routine and non-essential activities for the time being, but you can reach us online through text (link), virtual video visits (link), and telephone (link). 

 Here are just a few of the things you can do on a real time video Teledermatology Virtual Visit:

  1. Get expert advice from top board-certified dermatologists 
  2. Evaluate a new growth on your skin and see if it needs urgent attention or can wait.
  3. Get your monthly refill of medication for hair loss, eczema, psoriasis,eczema, allergies, etc.
  4. Finally, get started on your acne regimen
  5. Get a cosmetic consultation about something that has always bothered you. We can go over all of the new and exciting treatment options we have at MDCS Dermatology.
  6. Plan out your pre-cancer treatments. (Treat your sun damage lesions with medicated creams during the shelter-in-place)
  7. Complete your pre-op evaluation with our Mohs surgeons

Stay safe and see you at the MDCS Dermatology virtual office: Video Visit!

Snehal Amin, MD

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