Winter skin care- Glycerin

"Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is nothing new," says Snehal Amin, MD, a board-certified dermatologist of MDCS Dermatology.
Dec 20th, 2021

Your Questions about Laser Hair Removal Answered!

We asked Dr. Snehal Amin, board certified dermatologist, fellowship trained dermatologic surgeon and laser specialist to answer common questions our patients ask about laser hair removal and other types of hair removal in general. Here are the answers!
Oct 7th, 2021

Preventative Botox?

I am often asked if Botox should be used preventatively and at what age is it best to begin these treatments. How can one assess who is a good candidate for preventative Botox injections?
Sep 14th, 2021

Bacterial vs Fungal Acne?

> What is acne, and how do fungal and bacterial acne differ? Fungal and bacterial organisms are normal inhabitants of our skin. Just like our gut microflora, the skin microbiome is very important, complex and not well-understood (copyright Dr. Amin :-) ).
Sep 2nd, 2021

Eczema vs Psoriasis

Here's How to Tell If Your Skin Irritation Is Eczema or Psoriasis. By Rebecca Norris. According to current studies, more than eight million Americans have psoriasis. Read more from our experts at MDCS.
Oct 22nd, 2020

What causes body odor?

Remember in elementary school when people would ask you if you had HBO? If you were lucky enough to have the paid subscription television channel you might proudly say “Yes!” only to then have your frenemy respond with “Eww, gross! "
Feb 10th, 2020

Charcoal Masks and Other Black Magic

While I don’t have a favorite charcoal mask, I do like the Hollywood Laser Peel. This is a laser and peel combined in the same procedure.
Jan 30th, 2020

Dr. Brendan Camp discusses the link between psoriasis and stress

While psoriasis is largely considered a disease of the skin, the factors involved in the development of this condition are more than just skin-deep. People with family members who have psoriasis are at a greater risk of developing the condition because c
Jan 29th, 2020

Avoid those annoying ingrown hairs

Tips for avoiding those annoying ingrown hairs. Years ago when I first moved to New York to start my dermatology residency my skin did not cooperate. During my first few weeks of training I developed pink stubborn bumps on my neck and beard area.
Jan 27th, 2020

5 Essential Steps for Preventing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer may be the most common form of cancer in the United States, but there’s a lot you can do to reduce your risk of developing this potentially deadly disease. Find out how you can protect your skin, today and every day.
May 17th, 2019

6 Tips for Preventing a Psoriasis Flare-Up

As a chronic inflammatory skin condition, psoriasis can’t be cured — but it can be kept under control with the right approach. Find out what the most common psoriasis triggers are and what you can do to manage or avoid them.
Feb 4th, 2019

Cynosure Elite MPX

MDCS's own Snehal Amin, MD writes about Cynosure Elite MPX, a multi-modality laser that can treat skin imperfections such as extra hair, superficial varicose veins and brown spots on the skin simultaneously, for Cosmetic Town Journal.
Nov 9th, 2017

Mohs Surgery

Not only does Mohs Surgery deliver the best cosmetic results, it also boasts an unparalleled success rate of 98%, well above that all other skin cancer treatments.
Mar 28th, 2017

How To Exfoliate

“I always tell my patients, exfoliating is like exercise for your skin,” says Tamila Deveny, medical esthetician at MDCS Dermatology in New York City. “It helps your skin stay healthy, young and to glow.”
Nov 17th, 2020

November 18 is National Botox Day!

National Botox Cosmetic Day Promotion at MDCS Dermatology!! MDCS Dermatology in Manhattan and Long Island is celebrating National Botox Day by offering an additional promotion. Full face Botox treatment 3 areas for $750 (regular price $900)!
Nov 9th, 2020

The Best Baby Lotions

While it might seem like the list of things you need to buy for your new baby (or baby-to-be) is miles long, there are really only a handful of necessities that you’ll use just about every day — and one of those is baby lotion.
Nov 3rd, 2020

Three ways to stay healthy during the quarantine

Shelter-in-place directives have been ordered all over the USA. This public health strategy is the best way to slow down the spread of CoVid19. However, shelter-in-place does not mean that you should ignore your health. Here are a few tips to stay healthy
Mar 24th, 2020

Tattoo Removal

Your tattoo does not have to be permanent. Newer tattoo lasers can treat all pigment colors with fewer treatments.
Jan 31st, 2020

The best eczema treatments

Eczema is a highly visible, touch-and-go skin-care issue that causes skin on the face and body to become red and itchy at the slightest triggers: stress, sweating, dry conditions (like central heating in winter), and even irritants in skin-care products an
Dec 12th, 2018

New Beauty Formulas for Glowing Skin

There's a revolution taking place in the beauty world. Driven by science, the pros are pioneering new formulas that are causing real—even amazing—changes to your complexion at the molecular level.
May 16th, 2018

Calling all Spring Brides

If you know you want to look great on your wedding day, but don't know where to begin, we will get you started.
Oct 14th, 2016

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